Because we know what contract a freelancer is working on, our timesheets are simpler than most alternatives. All you need to do is submit the time you spent on each day during the booking. Blank timesheet entries (one per day) are generated each day, so you cannot fill out time in the future - only on the day in question, and the past.

At the end of each week (or the end of the project, if that happens mid-week), you should submit your timesheet for approval. Once the client approves the time, we will raise invoices, and send you instructions about how to invoice us.


At the end of a booking (its 'end date') we will stop generating timesheets. This means that if the booking is overrunning, and you are still working for the client, they will have to extend the contract to the new end date in order for you to have timesheets to complete, and get paid.

In order to make this process as simple as possible, we will notify both you and the client that a booking is about to overrun, and if you go to the contract page on YJ after this date, you will see a "Request extension" button. This will notify the client that you need the booking extended (just in case they haven't already).

If you're still having problems, hop on the live chat and our customer service team will get on the case.

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