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How is the spend tracking dashboard populated?

The spend tracking dashboard is automatically populated with spend data. It's based on the approved timesheet data matched against a specific purchase order (PO) reference, ensuring accurate and reliable spending tracking. To track spending against a PO budget, you simply need to add a PO value.

When is the spend tracking dashboard updated?

The spend tracking dashboard is updated when a timesheet matched to a PO reference is approved. The update is instant, but you must refresh the dashboard to retrieve the most up-to-date information if you already have the dashboard open.

What do the various states represent?

When you have assigned a PO value, a bar will display a visual indication of how your actual spend measures up against your PO value.

Green < 40%, Amber 40-70%, Red > 70%.

Who has access to the spend tracking dashboard?

All client users have access to the spend tracking dashboard, and your role determines which PO references you can view and add a PO value for. Admins and Finance users can view and manage PO values for all PO references, and hirers can only view the PO references against which they have booked.

Can I track spend against a PO in multiple currencies?

Yes, if you have spend against a single PO ref in multiple currencies, we will display these amounts in a list.

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