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This article applies to expenses submitted through the YunoJuno platform.

What is the process for submitting expenses?

Please refer to your booking for details of the expense process. Expenses can be submitted via the YunoJuno platform, but they may be required to be submitted off-platform.

If no expenses are not expected during a contract then expenses may be disabled and this will be reflected in the contract. If expenses are incurred during the contract then expenses can be enabled if required.

How do I submit expenses through the YunoJuno platform?

When creating a timesheet click on the 'Add expense' button:

What information is required for my expenses?

  • Date (the transaction date of the expense)

  • Description (a description of the expense e.g. 'Breakfast')

  • Receipt image (optional)

  • Reason for no receipt (required if you do not have a receipt)

What formats are accepted for receipt images?

PDF or image (JPEG, PNG format only). Max size 20MB.

How do I receive payment for expenses?

Payment will be made within 14 days. You will receive a single payment for your time, adjustments, and expenses.

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