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What happens after I apply to a job?
What happens after I apply to a job?
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What happens when I apply to a brief?

Your application is reviewed by a member of YunoJuno Talent Team who may later make a recommendation to the client.

What does a recommendation mean?

Great news! It means your application has been identified as being a good fit for the role by a member of the YunoJuno Talent Team.

And who are the members of YunoJuno Talent Team?

They’re experienced Talent Managers who work closely with all our clients, both large and small.

Every time a brief is posted, they communicate with the client to understand their needs and - if the client requests help - suggest the best person for the job.

Why do the YunoJuno Talent Team review and recommend freelancers to briefs?

First and foremost, we want to highlight the incredible freelance talent we have on the platform! We work to ensure no application is missed.

Very often clients request we help to create a list of great recommendations. Our Talent Team would then have a conversation with the client to understand their needs and recommend the most relevant applications.

How does that differ from being “shortlisted”?

The easiest way to explain it is to think of recommendations as a “long list”, and shortlisting is just the next step.

Who does the shortlisting?

It may be the client themselves, or a member of the YunoJuno Talent Team.

How long is the shortlist?

It all depends on the client's needs. The applications for each brief are usually capped at 30 candidates. The shortlist is approximately 3-5 candidates.

If I’m shortlisted, does it mean I’ll get an interview?

Every client has a slightly different interviewing strategy. Some of them will interview everyone on their shortlist, and some will interview only selected candidates.

Can the client see my application if I wasn’t recommended for the brief?

Yes they can! The client still has access to all applications, including your portfolio and the cover note. They can contact you any time!

What can I do to get recommended and shortlisted?

  • Make sure that your profile is up to date. Check our list of Profile Guides to make sure you’ve checked all the important points;

  • Include most relevant work examples in your application;

  • Include a cover note: say why you’re the best person for the job; emphasise your previous experience or your expertise with required tools. Drop some client names. Make it sound special!

I feel I was a great fit for a role, but I wasn’t recommended. Why?

There may have been such factors at play as the day rate, expertise with a certain tool, location preference, work preference (hybrid/on-site), etc.

Will I hear from the client or YunoJuno Talent Team?

The YunoJuno Talent Team communicates with the clients regularly to get feedback about the status of your application. Sometimes due to the large number of applications the clients are unable to provide individual feedback to all applicants, but our team will always try to come back to every shortlisted candidate to share the application outcome.

I haven’t heard from client X in a while. Why is that?

There might be different reasons, including the client deciding to hire internally, changes in the budget or other circumstances beyond YunoJuno's control. Additionally, sometimes the client may not be ready to make a decision yet.

We do contact the client regularly to get the latest updates about their hiring process and we do our best to make sure the shortlisted candidates are updated about the status of their application.

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