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Validating your work experience on YunoJuno
Validating your work experience on YunoJuno
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What does “validating work experience” mean?

We carefully review each profile submitted to YunoJuno marketplace to get a better idea of your work experience and estimate if we can provide you with relevant opportunities.

Vetting the profiles is also a part of our promise to the clients, who are keen to work with someone who has made other clients happy before!

You can validate as many work examples as you like by clicking “Validate” next to the selected work example.

Who can provide the reference?

The reference provided should come from a third party. For example:

  • A former or current client;

  • A former or current hiring manager/line manager;

  • An approved YunoJuno freelancer.

Help us verify your profile quickly by providing us with the following information:

  • Name and surname of the referrer;

  • Ideally, their work email (e.g.

    The information above helps us confirm the authenticity of the referral and better understand the nature of your work history.

How many references do you require?

We ask for a minimum of two references, but the more you add, the easier for us it is to understand your experience. It also increases the chances of your profile being approved quicker.

What’s my referrer required to do?

After you add referrer’s details by using the VALIDATE option in your Work history section, we will send them a short email.

We will not share your referrer’s data with anyone else, and we try to make it quick and easy for them!

They can answer it with just one click, but they are also free to provide a longer reference. The reference or the client’s name is not shared with anyone, unless you decide to publish it on your YunoJuno profile.

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