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Creating a detailed profile is the first step to successful applications on YunoJuno. It helps the client decide whether your skills and experience are relevant to the application. It encourages them to find out more about you by checking out your portfolio page or other links and may lead to starting a conversation.

About You / Your Bio

First impressions count! The clients will want to know a bit about you in your own words, the kind of projects you like to work on, as well as your relevant experience, from the very first look at your profile.

Let’s start from the very top:

  1. Add a specific job title:




Packaging Designer


Integrated Designer


UX Designer

2. Bio:

Add a bio of around 200-400 characters to highlight and explain your expertise, experience, and whatever personal attributes you wish to share.

One sentence introduction

The first sentence of your bio appears in your profile preview, so make it catchy, but informative.

Creative food packaging designer working with large FMCG brands.

Experienced presentation designer working with fintech startups, banks and other financial institutions.

UX Designer with 7 years experience creating seamless, user friendly designs for Android/iOS apps.


Keywords help to get your profile discovered in the search clients perform in the freelancer database.

Tools and software:

Figma, Adobe XD

Types of design:

Brand design, UI design, packaging design


beauty, publishing, fintech

Brand names:

PepsiCo, Havas


French language, experience with Italian market

Tip: Make sure that all your keywords are spelled correctly!

Your portfolio

A designer’s portfolio is as important (if not more) than their CV, as it shows the examples of their style and creativity.

Want to make your portfolio stand out? Try some of these ideas:

  • Present the whole creative process behind the project, e.g. for UX design include samples of wireframes, prototypes as well as the end project:

See how UX Designer Nikolai Langguth explains the whole process of working with a client:

  • Provide the context of the project and mention some quantifiable results:

  • Group your projects by industry;

  • To show your fluency with popular software, list the tools you used in each project.

    See how Integrated Graphic Designer Zoe Moncaster does it here:

Make your portfolio easily accessible!

The clients are much more likely to start a conversation with a candidate whose portfolio is easily accessible, so make sure that:

  • Your portfolio page is linked to your YunoJuno profile;

  • The URL is correctly spelled;

  • The client doesn’t need to log in to an external service to see your portfolio;

  • It’s not protected with a password. If it is, we advise on adding the password at the bottom of your bio section.

Use Portfolio feature on YunoJuno to show the best pieces of your work

Are you particularly proud of a piece of work you’ve done and you’d like the client to see it?

Use “Portfolio” feature on YunoJuno to upload up to 9 images of your work. They will show up on your profile between your bio and Work experience section, like this:

You are also able to assign them to particular work examples:

Work history

Describing your work experience

This will be very helpful not only on your YunoJuno profile, but also your portfolio, in cover notes and during interviews!

If you’re looking for the best words to describe your work experience, use the STAR method to build your story around each project/work example.


The challenge or the requirement the client had.



UX Designer

The client experienced a very high abandonment rate in the overcomplicated checkout experience. I was hired as a UX designer to improve the user experience of this particular stage.

Brand designer

The client wanted to transform their branding to reflect the new values of a sustainable, B-corp certified company.

Task & Action Your responsibilities and most important things you’ve done to complete the task.



UX designer

Conducted usability tests and competitor research;

Designed a simplified checkout experience including the most popular payment options.

Brand designer

Collaborated with marketing and business development teams to understand the business needs;

Designed and maintained a library of visual assets for digital and print media


State which goals you managed to complete or what value you added to the project.

Add facts and figures, if possible - they make your experience unique and emphasise your successes!



UX Designer

The number of customers completing their purchase rose by 75%.

Feedback regarding checkout experience improved from 3.7 to 4.7/5

Brand designer

Received 10/10 internal feedback from the client’s team

Company/client names

The names of companies and organisations in your work history are a helpful insight into the kind of work you do: for example, they’ll give a potential client an idea of whether you prefer working with startups, large creative agencies, Fortune 500 companies, etc.

What if you signed an NDA and can’t mention the name of one or more companies you work for? Paraphrase their name, for example:

“Global search technology company”

“French organic beauty brand”

“International streaming service”

While this information is not as specific as the actual name, it still provides a good amount of information to the prospective client.

Keep your Work history and CV up to date

Make sure that you regularly revisit your YunoJuno profile to update it with any new work examples or skills you've gained. Not only does it give clients a full picture of what you've been up to, but also gives them the understanding of your experience with latest tools and trends.

Cover notes

A cover note gives you an additional opportunity to emphasise the most relevant experience of your work. It’s not about the length, it’s about the content!

Here are some things worth mentioning in your cover note:

I feel I’d be great for this project because…

  • I’ve worked on a similar project with another automotive/food/beauty company in the past;

  • I am a regular user of Webflow/ Axure RP/ (any other tool mentioned in the job ad);

  • I’ve designed sustainable packaging for B-corp brands such as X, Y, Z

Feel free to add a link to a specific, relevant item in your portfolio/website/online examples of your work. The client will have direct access to your most relevant work, which will also save their time.

Feeling inspired? Head to your profile and try out some edits!

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