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Create a great Data Specialist profile
Create a great Data Specialist profile
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Creating a detailed profile is the first step to successful applications on YunoJuno. It helps the client decide whether your skills and experience are relevant to the application. It encourages them to find out more about you by checking out your portfolio page or other links and may lead to starting a conversation.

Here are some tips to inspire you:

About You / Your Bio

First impressions count! The clients will want to know a bit about you in your own words, the kind of projects you like to work on, as well as your relevant experience, from the very first look at your profile.

Let’s start from the very top:

If possible, add a specific job title:

Your bio

Add a bio of around 200-400 characters to highlight and explain your expertise, experience, and whatever personal attributes you wish to share.

One sentence introduction

The first sentence of your bio appears in your profile preview, so it should summarise your experience in a concise way and encourage the client to click your profile and find out more.

  • Data scientist specialising in NLP projects, including chatbots and speech recognition.

  • Python-proficient, business-oriented data analyst with great communication skills.

Keywords help to get your profile discovered in the search clients perform in freelancer database.

Examples of good keywords:


If you have a professional website, link it to your YunoJuno profile: it is very useful for the clients to understand your work better. Make it easy for the client to access it: make it publicly accessible (rather than protect it with a password).

Want to add some colour to your profile? Use the Portfolio section to upload up to 9 images of your work - for example data visualisation charts.

Work history

Company/client names

The names of companies and organisations in your work history are a helpful insight into the kind of work you do: for example, they’ll give a potential client an idea of whether you prefer working with startups, large creative agencies, Fortune 500 companies, etc.

What if you signed an NDA and can’t mention the name of one or more companies you work for? Paraphrase their name, for example:

“Global search technology company”

“French organic beauty brand”

“International streaming service”

While this information is not as specific as the actual name, it still provides a good amount of information to the prospective client.

Types of work

If some or all of your previous positions have been in full-time employment, but the experience you gained is relevant to the work you’re looking for at the moment, it’s perfectly fine to mention them in your work history too.

Describing your work experience

If you’re looking for the best words to describe your work experience, use the STAR method to build your story around each project/work example.


The challenge or the requirement the client had.

Task & Action Your responsibilities and most important things you’ve done to complete the task.


State which goals you managed to complete or what value you added to the project.

Validating your work (for registering users)

Instead of asking you for reference just before you start the job, we request it to provide the references at the start of your application. It sorts out any potential delays with providing the references at the last minute and also helps our team to verify your experience more quickly, which means you can start applying to jobs sooner.

Provide your email validation by using the “Validate” option next to a selected work example in your Work history section.

Some great validators:

  • Former managers;

  • Former colleagues;

  • Former clients;

Please use the full name + surname of the referrer. Ideally please use their work email:

John McDonald at Nestle, Using the full name and company name add an extra layer of credibility to your profile (your referrer’s address will remain private)

Once your profile has been approved, you can ask your former clients to provide more references which will then show up on your YunoJuno profile. You can do it from the References tab in your YunoJuno profile.

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