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Right to Work - ID Check
Right to Work - ID Check

Why do I have to do a Right-to-Work check?

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YunoJuno completes a range of compliance checks, to ensure your bookings are fully compliant with the law, and you only need to worry about doing your best work when working with our clients. Our right-to-work checks form part of these preliminary compliance checks.

1. Freelancers based and registered in the UK

What is a right-to-work check?

This check allows YunoJuno as an intermediary between you, the freelancer, and the client, that’s hiring you, to confirm you have the right-to-work in the UK. This check is conducted by our trusted partner, Amiqus, who will check key information with you, and confirm that you are legally allowed to work in the UK.

Why do we ask for the right-to-work?

As an intermediary, we need to show that the freelancers we introduce to clients have the right-to-work in the U.K, as per the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006. To comply with this law, we have partnered with a third-party service called Amiqus for freelancers to complete their right-to-work checks.

Who needs to complete this check?

Whether you need to complete a right-to-work check will be dependent on your location as the freelancer, not the location of the client.

Freelancers working in the UK will need to complete a right-to-work check to complete work for our clients.

What is the process?

Once you secure your first booking you will need to complete a right-to-work check via Amiqus before you can accept it. You will be able to start the check by clicking on the 'Confirm eligibility' link showing at the bottom of your booking. This check includes sharing standard identity details with Amiqus (such as your name and date of birth, and address history). You will also be required to scan an identity document, for example, a passport. Amiqus will then prompt you to upload a quick selfie, to ensure the document you’ve uploaded belongs to you. Finally, if you’re a non-UK resident, you will also need to provide your share code. If you can get it from the platform here

As soon as you have clicked on 'Confirm eligibility' you will receive the below message via email from Amiqus to complete the check;

To complete the check you will need:

  • A valid passport

  • A device to photograph your identity document and yourself

  • A pen and piece of paper to write down the unique code

How regularly do I have to complete a right-to-work check?

We understand that your right-to-work status is unlikely to change frequently. You will only be required to complete a right-to-work check once a year unless the platform notes that your right-to-work may have expired or changed.

What happens if I don’t pass the Amiqus check?

In some instances, you may not pass the Amiqus check, this may be because you have not uploaded all the necessary documents, or your visa is currently in the process of being extended. YunoJuno reviews every freelancer on a case-by-case basis to better understand your circumstances. Whilst our internal compliance team will do their best to support you in accepting your opportunity promptly, this will take longer than the automated Amiqus route. We encourage all freelancers to do their best to upload complete and full documentation to the Amiqus portal to ensure a streamlined process.

I have completed my right-to-work checks now, however, I want my data to be deleted.

YunoJuno is legally obligated to store your information for 5 years post-booking in order to comply with our responsibilities as an employer. If you wish to have your data deleted, we will do our best to ensure the only data we have in relation to you, is that which we are legally obliged to keep.

To discuss the deletion of your data please contact:

2. Freelancers working outside the UK

If you’re a non-UK freelancer that has been invited to complete work for a UK company you will only need to complete an identity check in Amiqus (just to make sure you’re who you say you are!)

The process is the same as with freelancers working in the UK explained here. International freelancers will only need an ID and a live Selfie in order to complete the ID check.

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