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New brief notifications
New brief notifications

Instructions on how to subscribe to new brief notifications

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As an approved freelancer on YunoJuno you have access to a live feed of briefs that match your profile. This feed is provided in RSS format, which means that you can subscribe to it in tools like Slack or Discord, or use it as a data source for services like IFTTT or Zapier to get notifications via email, SMS.

Example 1: Integrating your feed with Slack

First off, if you are not using Slack, you are welcome to join the YunoJuno Freelancer workspace - you can request access with this form.

Once you have access to a Slack workspace (any, it doesn't need to be ours), you can use the builtin /feed command to subscribe.

  1. First, copy the feed link by clicking on the icon and then clicking "copy" on the popup screen:

2. Open a Slack chat with yourself - yes this is possible, and in fact it's recommended by Slack themselves as a convenient private space to write notes, reminders, etc.

3. Type /feed {{ your_brief_feed_url }}, where {{ your_brief_feed_url }} is the URL you copied in step 1, and hit Enter.

3. That's all. You should now see matching briefs appear throughout the day.

If you want to unsubscribe from the feed, follow the instructions in this help article from Slack:

Example 2: Email alerts using Zapier

Zapier is an online service for connecting applications - in this case connecting an RSS feed to Gmail (or other email service). It's free for personal use.

You can set up a new "Zap" directly from the dashboard when you log in:

If you follow the instructions through you can set it up to send a new email whenever a new brief appears in the feed.

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