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Refer a client to YunoJuno
Refer a client to YunoJuno
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a. How do I refer a client?

There is a unique referral link attached to your YunoJuno account - you can find it at the bottom of your dashboard.

Referrals must occur via the official link on the referrer's profile to be eligible. Please note we can't make any exceptions to this rule.

b. How does it work?

You can send this link to a client and if that’s their first ever booking on the platform, you get £500 and the client gets YunoJuno’s fee for FREE, with no booking fee applied to their first booking. Everybody wins.

c. Referral scheme T&Cs.

The BYOC Referral Programme is available to all YunoJuno members. Every freelancer now has a unique referral link to share with new paying clients of the platform. Freelancers receive £500 for the referral once a successful booking is made. YunoJuno will apply a full discount to your referred client fees for that booking.

Here are the plain-English T&Cs for the YunoJuno BYOC referral program.


  1. The organisation referred must be a new client to YunoJuno. I.e. They have never had a booking on YunoJuno previously. If they are already registered - that's ok. As long as this booking is their first ever contract on the YunoJuno platform, the referral prize is yours.

  2. The reward goes to the first person who recommends that client. That means that even if someone recommends the same client after you, you will receive the £500.

  3. The booking value for this first contract must be greater than £1,000 (excluding YunoJuno fees).

  4. You can use this link as many times as you like as long as it meets the above two criteria.

  5. The £500 referral award will be paid once YunoJuno has received £1,000 from the client Please note: all tax obligations are your responsibility.

  6. You will receive your reward by bank transfer at the end of the month, following the month when the referred client spend reaches the required threshold. For example, if the client hits the threshold in October, you will receive your reward at the end of November.

  7. The scheme is effective from the 18th of October 2022. The client must register using your referral link.

  8. You can not book yourself. The client and freelancer can not be the same person.

  9. This promotion can not be used in conjunction with any other offer, other than the Refer a friend scheme.


  1. The discount only relates to YunoJuno’s fee (NOT the freelancers rate).

  2. The discount only applies to your first booking.

  3. The discount does not apply if your organisation has already had a booking on the YunoJuno platform. If you have a registered account, but have not made a booking, then you are still eligible for the discount.

  4. This promotion can not be used in conjunction with any other client offer.

  5. A 20% VAT charge will still be payable on top of any timesheet value, exclusive of YunoJuno’s fee discount.

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