W-2 employee: How does it work?
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1. What does it mean to be W-2?

W–2 status means that you will become an employee of our staffing partner for the duration of your assignment/s. They will withhold federal and state taxes on your checks instead of you paying a huge amount on tax day and will send you the tax forms you need when it’s time and all of this will be available online.

You may qualify for Employee benefits. Reach out to our staffing partner directly for more information on this. You can reach out to them via the email address yunojuno@greenlight.ai.

Find an overview of the benefits offering here.

2. What are the employee onboarding steps?

These are the steps for onboarding as a W-2 employee:

1. Provide personal and contact details

2. Sign Employment Agreements

3. Review Employee Handbook

4. Provide Bank details

5. Agree to a background check (if required)

6. Complete W-4 tax withholding form

7. Complete I-9 process and upload supporting documents

How does the I-9 process work?

Employees need to complete the main sections of the I-9 form on our staffing partner website and also upload their documents there.

Document verification:

  • Remote workers will schedule a video call with our staffing partner to verify their documents.

  • Onsite workers must schedule an in-person meeting with either an HR representative or their hiring manager at the client site OR a Notary Public.

In the state of California, a bank manager or Certified Public Accountant (CPA) can be used in place of a Notary.

3. How long does it take for an employee to onboard?

From the worker opens the invite, it typically takes them less than 5 minutes to complete the online onboarding process. I-9 verification must occur by the employee's first day of work. Background checks can add time to the total onboarding process.

4. Is our staffing partner a E-Verify Employer?

Yes, our staffing partner participates in the federal government's E-verify program for I-9 verification.

E-Verify is a United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) website that allows businesses to determine the eligibility of their employees, both U.S. and foreign citizens, to work in the United States. Note that no federal law mandates the use of E-Verify.

5. What documents does an Employee sign?

1. Employment agreement

- This makes the worker a W-2 employee of our staffing partner.
- Workers at considered ‘At will’.
- Workers agree to assign the rights of their work product

- Workers agree to confidentiality

2. Assignment Agreement

- Our staffing partner assigns the worker to the client.

- This document includes the worker's pay rate, title, description of work, start date, and end date.

- This document contains co-employment protection clauses that state the worker cannot claim benefits etc. from the client.

3. Arbitration Agreement

- To mitigate against class-action lawsuits

Payment Process

1. When do I need to submit the time by?

The work week is Monday through Sunday. We encourage you to track your time throughout the week. Timesheet cutoff is 10 pm PT Sunday night. If you work between 10 pm PT and midnight on Sunday, please email our staffing partner at hello+usa@yunojuno.com to let them know.

2. What happens if I forget to submit my timesheet?

Timesheets are automatically submitted at 10 pm PT Sunday night. Any time that has been entered before then will be automatically submitted. If you forget to submit your time, you can email our staffing partner on a Monday at hello+usa@yunojuno.com with the hours you worked per day. If your timesheet has not been approved at this time, they will add your time for you.

3. Do Employees need to submit an invoice?

No, employees do not need to submit an invoice. They only need to submit a timesheet.

4. When do I get paid and how to I get paid?

Pay day is each Friday, 1 week in arrears following timesheet approval. E.g. you are paid Friday for the preceding week.

Unless you requested otherwise, payments are made by direct deposit using the bank details you provided during onboarding.

5. How do I add my time for the week?

Login at site.greenlight.ai and your timesheet will be available directly on your Dashboard.

You just need to add the hours you worked that week and submit it!

6. How do I submit an expense claim?

To add a claim for an expense reimbursement you need to take the following steps:

1. Login at site.greenlight.ai.

2. Under your timesheet, you will see a link to add an expense.

3. Add a description of the expense

4. Add the amount to be reimbursed

5. Add the date

6. Upload a copy of the receipt The expense will be submitted for approval together with your timesheet. Once the expense is added it will show at the bottom of the timesheet

7. How do I get paid for an expense claim?

Expenses are submitted for approval together with your timesheet. If the expense is approved, the reimbursable amount will be paid out on the next pay cycle.

8. How do I access my pay stubs?

Paystubs are available at site.greenlight.ai each Friday. Go to the PAY tab to download a paystub.

9. How do I see my tax deductions?

Our staffing partner will be responsible for processing your paycheck each week and properly deducting Federal, State, and Local taxes from each pay cycle. Tax deductions can be viewed on your paystub available on the PAY tab.

10. What are the payment options for a worker?

Workers will be paid hourly.

11. How will overtime be calculated?

Overtime will be calculated according to the applicable federal or state regulation.


1. I moved address, what do I need to do?

If you have moved address make sure you send an email at hello+usa@yunojuno.com to provide your updated address. You will also need to complete an updated W-4 form.

2. How can I update my bank account details?

You just need to complete this form to update your bank details

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