Alternatives to Inside IR35 assignments
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While this is the only route available for PSC's taking Inside assignments, it is not the only route YunoJuno offer and freelancer's are free to make their own decision as to what path suits them most.

So, what other options are available for taking on the assignment?

There are two avenues open to freelancers:

  • You may agree to change the working relationship with your client, and instead accept a new assignment as a Sole Trader or via an Umbrella intermediary. Please keep in mind that your client will have offered the existing contract to your specific operating entity (a PSC) and thus any change will require a new contract, and possibly require further compliance checks: Sole Traders are subject to HMRC’s SDC regulations for example, whereas Umbrella intermediaries can involve less setup friction.

  • Freelancers have the legal right to challenge the Inside IR35 decision by the client, but only if they truly believe the working practices used as evidence in the assessment do not match the reality on the ground. In the case of a successful challenge that results in an Outside IR35 status, the assignment would then be handled by our finance department with direct payments from us to your PSC. But we must stress, this option can and should only be used when there is a real challenge to be made.

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