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1. How do timesheets work?

First, make sure you have accepted a contract on the platform so the timesheets are generated. Because we know what contract a freelancer is working on, our timesheets are simpler than most alternatives. All you need to do is fill in the time you spent on each day during the booking. Blank timesheet entries (one per day) are generated each day, so you cannot fill out time in the future - only on the day in question, and the past.

You can fill in your timesheets with half or full days.

At the end of each week (or the end of the project, if that happens mid-week), you should submit your timesheet for approval. Once you've submitted your timesheet for approval, you can upload your invoice immediately via the 'payments' tab. If you're using an umbrella company then please view this article here on how to invoice.

Note: Timesheet entries are generated as the days go by. Make sure you don't submit your timesheet until the last working day of the week so all the entries are generated.

2. How can I amend a submitted timesheet?

  1. We know sometimes 'submitted' timesheets need to be amended and re-submitted for reasons like; the timesheet has been filled incorrectly or, the client has extended a booking after the timesheet has already been submitted. This is why we have added the 'Recall timesheet' button to the timesheets. As long as the timesheet hasn't been approved yet freelancers just need to click on the button below to be able to amend it re-submit it.

    If the timesheet has already been approved then please, get in touch with our support team via live chat or hello@yunojuno.com and they will help you. Thank you!

3 I haven't worked this week. How can I stop the timesheet reminders?

If there is a week in which you haven't worked you can cancel it by clicking on the 'Skip this week' button below:

Clicking on the 'Skip this week' button will also cancel the weekly timesheet reminders.

4. How does the adjustment bar work?

The adjustment bar is a feature that can be used in different scenarios like the below:

  • A timesheet has been approved for the incorrect amount of days so you need to add an extra day to the next timesheet

  • You need to bill a different rate for a specific day

When adding an adjustment you will always need to select a day on the calendar, the rate, and add a description. Note that on the calendar you will only be able to select days that are covered by the contract. If the adjustment you need to add refers to a day not covered by the contract then please, select any day on the calendar and then on the adjustment description leave a note confirming the correct day.

A little video of how this feature works is below!

You can request an adjustment bar by getting in touch with us through the live chat or hello@yunojuno.com.

5. Client's internal timesheet

Sometimes you will see the below at the bottom of your timesheet

This means that the client you are working for will need you to fill in a timesheet in their internal system and then attach it to your YunoJuno timesheet. You can attach it as a PDF or as a screenshot. If you don't have this timesheet yet then please, reach out to your hirer. They will be able to provide you with them.

Once the internal timesheet has been attached you will be able to submit your YunoJuno timesheet.

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