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Payments and Billings - Clients
Payments and Billings - Clients
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  1. 1. As a client, what are my payment options?

    To complete your registration, you will need to choose your preferred method of paying freelancers. Currently, we have two payment methods to choose from:

    • Credit Card

    • Invoicing

    Some additional information can be found below.

    Credit Card

    Will you take payment right after raising the booking?

    No, no payments are processed until the freelancer's timesheet is signed off.

    Why do you need to take my card details now, if you are not taking payment?

    We pay our freelancers, guaranteed, on 14 day terms - it’s one of the many reasons they love us. Therefore, we ask our clients for their card details on sign up as a security measure, much like a hotel might ask for a credit card when you check in. We won’t take any money from it until the first timesheet is signed off.

    If you would like further details, please email us at

    Do you hold or have access to my card details?

    No, we don't hold or have access to your card details. Stripe, our payment solution does.


    What is Invoicing?

    Upon signing off timesheets, instead of taking the money directly from a card, we invoice your Company on payment terms in your terms.

    Why do you need to run a credit check?

    We pay our freelancers booked through our marketplace in 14 days, so require a credit check on any businesses we work with who choose the invoice finance option.

    When freelancers are directly invited by a client, client payment terms might apply

    Will it affect my credit score?

    No, this is a soft check and does not create a credit check mark on the company or directors.

    What information do you need?

    To help run the credit check, we require your Company Registration Number. If we require any other details, including a UK landline number, we will be in touch.

    If you’re a UK registered Limited Company, you can find your Company Registration Number here.

    What fees will I pay?

    YunoJuno charges 12% on top of the freelancer’s daily, hourly or project rate.

    Do you charge VAT?

    Yes, for all UK companies.

    2. What are YJ's payment terms?

    Payment terms for Clients:

    Our payment terms for clients are 30 days or may vary based on any negotiated terms.

    Once you are ready to book a freelancer this cost will be clearly highlighted on a contract that is created, visible to both you and the freelancer.

    As soon as a weekly timesheet is signed off by you, we begin processing the freelancers payment and invoice you on our terms.

    Payment terms for Freelancers:

    We pay freelancers booked through YunoJuno Marketplace within 14 days of timesheet approval (by the hiring client) and invoice receipt. Please note that when freelancers are directly invited by a client, client payment terms might apply.

    3. What is YunoJuno's address for invoicing purposes?

    Please address invoices to:

    Fitzrovia 33 Foley Street London
    W1W 7TL

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