Once you’re ready to book a freelancer, make sure you come through the platform to set up the booking.

From the brief candidate page, on the shortlist tab, click the ‘Book’ button:

You will then be able to create the booking.

You will have two options of payment:

  • Per day OR

  • Per hour:

FYI: If there is a different unit you would like to use, for example, project completion or per 1000 words for an article, we can help put this in place. Just contact hello@yunojuno.com to get this set up.

FYI: If you are a medium or large company and the booking a Personal Service Company (PSC) Freelancer and the booking is outside IR35, you will be asked to input the agreed grossed day rate that the freelancer will receive. If it is inside IR35, you will need to input the client assignment fee. For more information on client assignment fees, click here.

For more information on IR35, click here.

You will then be asked the following questions:

  • Start date

  • End date

  • Notice period (if applicable)

  • Whether the role is onsite or remote.

  • PO Numbers

  • Overtime (if applicable)

Pro tip - If you have an NDA you would like the freelancer to agree and return, you can use the messaging function by attaching an NDA to send for them to agree and return back to you.

You have the option to add any further information to the booking, specifically to the contract at the end of the booking form

Once you have completed the booking, this will be sent to the freelancer for them to review and agree.

From the start date, we will start generating timesheets for the freelancer to complete, ready for your review.

FYI: Once a contract has been agreed, we cannot change its content. If any changes need making, you will need to raise a new booking. Please contact us in these instances either via the chat function, or at hello@yunojuno.com.

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