Once you have added freelancers to your shortlist, you will be able to fully review the freelancers you have selected by going to your ‘Candidates’ tab:

FYI: Some freelancers may show as ‘Pending’:

These will show in the ‘Pending’ tab:

This means you have sent a shortlist request to that freelancer and we’re waiting for their response as to whether they are available and interested. When they reply, they will respond with their availability, proposed day rate and will sometimes include a cover note to give you more information about themselves.

To remove anyone from your shortlist, click the following icon:

They will then move to your ‘Excluded’ tab:

Please note: If a freelancer is removed from a shortlist, we do not message them. If you would like to let them know they have been removed, you will need to contact them directly. This can easily be done via the messaging function prior to deleting them from the shortlist.

To share the shortlist with a colleague, click the ‘Share candidates' button:

The link is a public link which you can send to anyone within your organisation.

FYI: They will be able to see the shortlist / profile but will not be able to see any day rate information. We do ask for the viewer to add an email address for GDPR purposes.

YunoJuno gives you the ability to message freelancers directly. So if you have any questions about their experience or profile, contact them to find out more:

You can also use the message function on YunoJuno to arrange interview times or attach any NDAs you require signing.

Pro tip - Freelancers greatly appreciate some sort of contact before you book them. Whether that is an interview for a long piece of work or an informal chat to discuss the brief in a little more detail. Here are our top tips for preparing for an interview and conducting an interview.

To contact the freelancer, you can use the messaging functionality on the platform. If they’ve shared their details with you, you can reach out directly,

When you’re ready to book a freelancer, come back to the platform to process the booking.

FYI: All bookings must be processed through the platform. Booking freelancers off the platform falls outside of any protection the YunoJuno Terms of Business provide and could also result in the disabling of your account.

Check out our to creating a booking.

What should I do if my project is delayed?

If the project is delayed, it is best to archive the brief and let the freelancer know. To do this, go to the brief, and select 'Archive Brief':

You will then be able to provide a reason:

You will then be able to write a message to all the freelancers that have been shortlisted.

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