Once you have added your brief, you can review freelancer profiles to add to your shortlist. A shortlist is a list of people who you think would be a good fit for the job, and who you are interested in learning more about.

See our top tips for shortlisting freelancers here.

Shortlisting freelancers

Pro Tip - Shortlisting is a good way to get the ball rolling to get to your final selection.

To help you shortlist freelancers, you have a search bar and filters that enable you to help find freelancers with specific experience. You can filter freelancers down based on day-rate, industries worked in or business type, making sure you find the right freelancer for your project.

Click on a freelancers profile to find out more about them:

If you like freelancers, make sure you send them a shortlist request. By shortlisting a freelancer you have sent them an invitation to reply to your brief. We notify freelancers by email and text. It is then up to them, if they are interested, to respond and quote for the work, with a cover note.

From here they will respond whether they are interested or unavailable. In some cases they may give you access to their email and number. Any responses from your shortlisted freelancer will be emailed to you as well as appearing in your ‘Shortlist’ section of your brief candidate dashboard:


If your brief is open, this will show to freelancers in the most relevant discipline, within a range of the rate of the brief.

If your brief is open, you can find direct applications by clicking on the ‘applied’ tab in your brief candidate dashboard:

On this page, you can easily see the freelancer’s application which includes contact information and a cover note if they have submitted one. To view this, click the 'view application' button:

If you like the look of a direct application, you can promote this freelancer to your shortlist, by clicking the ‘shortlist’ button.

If a freelancer applies directly to your brief, by default, we drop you an email to let you know when the first freelancer has applied. After this, we send a daily summary.

You can change this, by going to your settings from the top navigation:

Alternatively, click here to go to your settings.

Pro tip - Add any freelancers that apply directly to your brief to your shortlist if you would like to consider them for the brief. Once you add them to your shortlist, they will receive an email to let them know.

Editing your brief

You can edit your brief at anytime, by clicking the ‘brief details’ button, then ‘Edit brief’:

FYI: This is the same layout as the brief page, you can now just change or update the details.

Pro tip - After a certain period of inactivity and a brief has passed the start date, we remove the brief and it expires. As such we let the freelancers know who have applied directly to the brief, or who have been shortlisted. To stop this, change the start date and engage with the freelancers.

FYI: Shortlists are not available to view after a brief is expired, so please make sure you regularly check in to make sure you don’t lose your shortlist.

Check out our guide to managing your shortlist.

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