We’ve pulled together the following guide to help you add a brief to the YunoJuno platform.

Picking a Discipline

A ‘Discipline’ on YunoJuno is how we categorise a base field of expertise. When starting a brief, it’s only a starting point and can be refined as you go!

Top top: If you’re looking for a specialised role but can’t see the option when creating the brief, look for the closest discipline.

Once a discipline is selected, you will be able to see sub-categories within that field.

If you can’t seem to find the right freelancer, speak to the YJ Team, and we can advise whether we can help.

FYI: It is free to add a brief to YunoJuno. No payments are processed until you have booked and approved a freelancers timesheet!


Once you have selected the discipline, you will have the option to add more detailed information about the brief.

Adding detail to your brief works to your advantage as it gives your prospective freelancers the information they need to further the conversation and for you to select the perfect freelancer. Your background is a key section, as not only does this set the tone of your brief, it helps give freelancers a good idea of what you are trying to achieve and also an idea of how long the contract will last. This helps them identify whether they will be available for that amount of time. This may also influence their day rate, if the contract is over a longer period.

See our top tips, to enable you to write a great brief using our tried and tested method called 'B-E-S-T'.

Day Rate

Put a rough idea of what you would like to pay per day. This is not displayed to the freelancer but rather as a starting point for the YunoJuno platform to return a set of results based on a price band.

Every freelancer has a default day rate they set in their YunoJuno settings which helps match freelancers to relevant briefs. Once you have added your brief, we show you freelancers within a range of the day rate you have entered. Similarly, we don't tell the freelancer the exact budget. This enables freelancers to quote on a brief by brief basis, based solely on the timeframe and description within the brief, to enable us to create a fair marketplace between both parties..

Top tip - Don’t worry if you’re unsure if you’ve set the correct day rate. You can change your day rate range once you have posted your brief.

You may want to have a more in depth discussion with the freelancer over your budget. We enable this via our chat functionality. All messages and negotiations between you and the freelancer are direct one-to-one conversations and YunoJuno does not stand in the way of this exchange as we believe it leads to a more transparent interaction, and hopefully a transparent working relationship.

Project Rate

You also have the ability to offer the contract on a per project basis rather than day rate. To ensure uniformity, all briefs are initially posted using day rates. We ask freelancers to do the same. If you are looking to work on a per project fee, please indicate that in the description and that you are looking for freelancers to give quotes on the project overall.

When you’re ready to offer the contract, you will be able to offer this at a project level, instead of a day rate. All you need to do is speak to a member of the YunoJuno Platform Success Team here.

Project details

Next you will add the project details including start date and duration.

If you’re unsure of the start date, don’t worry, you can indicate the start date is flexible.

Pro tip - A question you may ask yourself to help determine a start date is when is the latest date the project can begin? You can take this into consideration for the interview / hiring process and ideally when you would like to get started.

The duration is a free text box, so you can add what you like here. The more information you can give, the more accurate the freelancer can be around their day rate.

You also have the ability to add the industry your project is in, but this is optional.

Open vs Private Briefs

You have the option to choose whether your brief is open for applications or remain private. If the brief is open, freelancers, within the discipline you selected, can see it in their YunoJuno dashboard and apply to it directly, i.e. pre-select themselves for the role and show their interest.

FYI: Open briefs won’t be seen by anyone outside of the YunoJuno community and freelancers will need to be logged into their account to see and to apply to the brief.

You will receive notifications letting you know when freelancers have applied directly to the brief, indicating their interest in the role. You can also reach out to any freelancers who have yet to apply, by sending them a shortlist request.

If the brief is private, only freelancers that you shortlist will have the ability to engage with you on your brief.

FYI: There are no Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) in our terms with freelancers, so please carefully consider any sensitive information before posting the brief. If the brief has sensitive information, you may prefer to make the brief private.

FYI: If you're a medium to large business, you will be asked if you have done an IR35 status for your brief yet. If you haven't, that is not a problem, you can mark it as you currently unassessed.

For more information, check out our articles on IR35.

Pro Tip: You can go back at any time and edit your brief, if you want to add further information or refine the day rate, start date, duration etc.

Once you have created your brief, on the following page, you will be able to create a shortlist, and find the ideal freelancer for the role.

Check out our guide to shortlisting freelancers.

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