Yet to take a contract through YunoJuno and want to know the next steps? Here’s a quick run down of the process:

  • If you have applied directly to a brief, the client will receive a notification and will review your profile. Don’t forget to include a cover note as a summary as to why you should be considered for the brief. You can also ask any additional questions about the work involved.

  • If you are responding to a client’s direct shortlist request, please reply with your interest, availability, and a cover note to state why you're perfect for the work. The client will receive a notification once you’ve responded.

  • The client will then review all of the profiles they’ve selected, and will often at that point reach out for a phone call or meeting. This can be either via the YunoJuno messaging function, or directly if you’ve shared your contact details via the platform.

  • If selected from that process, the client should always raise a contract through YunoJuno. Do not start work until you have agreed to and signed a YunoJuno contract, otherwise you will not be protected by our terms of engagement.

  • Review and sign the contract, promptly raising any queries with the client or YunoJuno’s help team.

  • Once your contract begins, you can submit your timesheets weekly.

  • Once you have submitted your timesheet, you can then upload your invoice directly to YunoJuno for payment. Do not invoice the client directly, as this will cause delays to payment.

For more information on timesheets and invoicing, please click here.

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