Before we begin, please make sure you've accepted a contract and submitted the necessary timesheets.

As soon as you have submitted your timesheet, you can invoice immediately via the 'payments' tab. As soon as your timesheet is approved we'll process the invoice, and we'll get you paid on time!

Please ensure that your invoice includes the following and is uploaded as a PDF:

✓ Your Trading Name
✓ Date
✓ Your Purchase Order Number
✓ Your Invoice Number
✓ Your Bank Account Details
✓ The exchange rate
✓ YunoJuno Address: YunoJuno, Waverley House, 9 Noel Street, London, W1F 8GQ

✓ and if applicable your VAT number

We'll make the payment to TransferWise and they will send you an email and all you need to do is follow the necessary steps to receive the funds. The reason why we're using TransferWise is to minimise the international bank charges that occur when you receive an international payment.

Please note: If you do not enter your information within 2 days, Transferwise will send a reminder email automatically. Emails will come from
Also if you do not provide your bank details within 7 days of the transfer being set up it will automatically be cancelled and the money refunded to YunoJuno.

If you've never invoiced before and need a hand with your invoice, our amazing finance team has created an invoice template that you can view below!


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