The YunoJuno Referral Programme is available to all UK Approved YJ members. Every freelancer now has a unique referral link to share with clients of the platform. Freelancers receive £500 for the referral once a successful booking is made. YunoJuno will also apply a 50% discount to our client fees, for that booking.

Here are the plain-english T&Cs for the YJ referral program.


  1. The organisation referred must be a new client to YJ. I.e. They have never had a booking on YJ previously. If they are already registered - that's ok. As long as this booking is their first ever contract on the YJ platform, the referral prize is yours.

  2. The booking value for this first contract must be greater than £1000 (excluding YJ fees).

  3. You can use this link as many times as you like as long as it meets the above two criteria.

  4. The £500 referral award will be paid once YJ has received £1000 from the client Please note: all tax obligations are your responsibility.

  5. The scheme if effective from the 24th of July 2020. The client must register using your referral link

  6. You can not book yourself. The client and freelancer can not be the same person.

  7. This promotion can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.


  1. The 50% discount only relates to YunoJuno’s fee (NOT the freelancers rate).

  2. The 50% discount only applies to your initial booking and excludes extensions of that booking.

  3. The discount does not apply if your organisation has already had a booking on the YunoJuno platform. If you have a registered account, but have not made a booking, then you are still eligible for the discount.

  4. Brand new clients to YunoJuno (ie. have never had a registered account), have two options upon registration: 1) pay by credit card; or 2) pay via invoice. If 'pay by invoice' is chosen, YunoJuno standard HSBC credits checks need to be performed before registration can be approved and discount applied. If 'pay by credit card' is chosen, the client is not required to pass through HSBC credit checks and the discount automatically applies.

  5. This promotion can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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