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Refer a friend to YunoJuno
Refer a friend to YunoJuno
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1. Refer a friend to YunoJuno

a. How do I refer a friend?

To refer a friend, log in to YunoJuno. Click your avatar. You will see "Refer a friend button". Click it and fill the form in with your friend's details.

Recommendations must occur via the official link on referrer's profile to be eligible. Please note we can't make any exceptions to this rule.

b. How does it work?

The YunoJuno Refer a friend scheme is available to:

a) all fully approved YJ members;

b) members who have managed their previous or current contract with a client through YunoJuno.

You can refer as many freelancers as you like, and you will receive £100 for every approved referral. If your referral becomes an approved member of YJ Community, you’re entitled to £100 reward.

If afterwards your referral finds work via the YJ Marketplace*, you will receive 10% of everything YunoJuno makes for the first six months of their YJ membership. Even if your referral does 100 Marketplace bookings in the six months, we’ll honour the referral reward.

c. Referral scheme T&Cs.

  1. You need to be an approved member of YunoJuno to refer another freelancer OR a member who has managed their previous or current booking with a client through YunoJuno.

  2. The referral can't already be a member of the YunoJuno network.

  3. Recommendations must occur via the official "Refer a friend" link to be eligible.

  4. The person referred will need to be approved via the regular approval process. In the case of non-UK based freelancers, this includes the compliance checks of their business documents.

  5. The reward goes to the first person who recommends that person. That means that even if someone recommends the same person after you, you will receive the £100.

  6. The 10% commission is across all your referral’s bookings for the first six months of the referral’s YJ membership.

  7. There is no limit to this referral reward. Refer as many people as you like and if the above conditions are met, we'll pay for each.

  8. Confirmations of all approved referrals are sent out every Friday following the week when the referred freelancer's profile was approved.

  9. You will receive your reward by bank transfer at the end of the month, following the month when the referred freelancer was approved, e.g. A profile of your friend gets approved in May. You receive your reward at the end of June.

*For the avoidance of doubt, YunoJuno Marketplace excludes any YJ Contractor Management System Clients’ direct invites (i.e. when the Client invites the freelancer from its known freelancers directory feature to perform work).

For full T&Cs, please see the document here.

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