On Jun 1st 2020 we will be formally retiring the YunoJuno iOS app.

The iOS app was originally developed as a proof-of-concept to test the appetite for a companion app that was focussed on tasks - submitting timesheets, sending messages.

Since the app was released we have concentrated on improving the website experience on mobile, and have not invested significantly in app development, beyond fixing urgent bugs.

We formally removed the app from App Store over 12 months ago, and whilst the API that underpins the app is still functional, supporting it as we continue to evolve is proving difficult. Our core focus, as a product team, is the web application.

The one feature that we cannot (yet) implement on iOS is push notifications - sadly Apple seems determined not to support the Push API, which is one of the reasons we have not yet removed the app. However, there seems to be no plan from Apple to do this in the near term, and we cannot wait forever - and so we have taken the decision to retire the app, to lighten the load on the development team in this difficult period.
We will increase support for notifications via SMS for those of you who rely on the app for push notifications prior to the app retirement, which will take place on the 31st May 2020.

If you have the app, and are using it regularly, it will no longer work from 1st June - all access to the platform will be via the website, which works very well on mobile, albeit without offline or push notification support... for now.


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