As of Jun 1st 2020 we will be formally retiring our support for Creative Teams, as it stands today.

Creative Teams were added to the YJ platform at a point in time where we catered almost exclusively for the advertising and marketing industry, and clients were requesting additional support for the traditional ad pairing of a copywriter and art director. In response to this request we added some team-specific functionality (team profiles, search for teams, book as a team), but in practice the take-up by clients was underwhelming. It turns out that simply hiring two individuals works just as well as hiring a specific team, and that's what clients continued to do.

Whilst the adoption of the teams feature was underwhelming, the additional burden it put on the product team was not. Every new change, fix, and feature had to be considered in light of "how will this affect teams", and this has created a lot of internal drag.

At the same time, we have seen an increase in freelancers wanting to band together in a different kind of team - ad hoc, project-based - much closer to the original "Hollywood" model that we envisaged when we set up YJ.

So, we have taken the decision to retire the existing implementation, lighten the load on the development team in this difficult period, and go again with a different model of team support in the future. The new teams will be more flexible, better suited to the new environment, and closer to our vision of The Future of Work.

If you have a team profile, it will be removed on May 31st 2020. Clients will no longer be able to book a team as a team, but they can continue to book team members individually. Your individual profile and work history will be unchanged.


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