The Conduct Regulations are designed to protect people who are more like workers rather than genuinely self-employed freelancers, so at the time they were passed by the Government a special clause was put in allowing limited company contractors to ‘opt out’ of them.

So some people say that opting out of the Conduct Regulations can help you reflect that you’re a genuine freelancer running your own business. You’ll need to take your own view on that one.

The Conduct Regulations put an obligation on YunoJuno to provide you with certain information too – like the experience, training, qualifications and authorisations that a client considers are needed for an assignment. Or information about if there are any special health and safety risks (for example, working at height or with dangerous materials). We make sure we provide that to every freelancer on the platform, regardless of whether you’ve chosen to opt out.

If you’re a limited company contractor you can opt out of the Conduct Regulations. To be really clear: opting out is totally up to you.

Opting out doesn't affect when your invoices get paid: that's always 14 days from timesheet approval.

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