Choosing how to operate as a freelancer in a legal and business sense is an important decision for all freelancers as it will designate how you may work, which laws apply, how you are taxed and which clients can work with you.

At YunoJuno, we ensure this decision is yours and allow you the freedom to operate with clients in a number of different ways and we also allow you to change this on a per-contract basis, to aid in being flexible when you need it.

When a client decides to offer you a contract on the platform, these details are baked into the contract and cannot be changed after you have accepted the contract. You must continue to operate under the same structure for the length of the contract, or communicate with your client to start a new one under any new business structure.

The options available are split into whether you are operating via a GB (United Kingdom) entity or internationally.

The options are:

GB: via a Personal Service Company (Limited Company)

If you’ve registered your company at Companies House, and you’re the sole shareholder and director, then it's very likely you fall into this category. You will be subject to IR35 (Off-payroll) regulations when accepting contracts, please see our section on IR35.

Freelancers taking this route will be paid directly by YunoJuno when the assignment is Outside IR35 and via our Inside IR35 Partner, Giant Business Connect, when Inside. For both routes, timesheets will be submittable to YunoJuno and approved by the client.

GB: via an Umbrella intermediary 

An umbrella company is a company which you have registered to be an employee of, so that they run PAYE on the revenue you receive for providing your services.

We only allow freelancers using FCSA-accredited umbrella companies.

Freelancers taking this route will submit timesheets to YunoJuno which get passed to approval with your client; once approved, you may notify your Umbrella company to invoice us and we will pay them as your intermediary. They will then in turn deduct the relevant taxes and pay you.

GB: via a Sole Trader

A sole trader is someone providing business services as an individual in the United Kingdom. We expect freelancers operating via this structure to maintain a separate Sole Trader business account.

Freelancers taking this route will be paid directly by YunoJuno.


If you are a non-GB freelancer, you may operate on our platform with a business structure relevant to the country in which you reside. Please speak to our support team if you would like more information on this route.

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