Why do we ask for the right to work?

As an intermediary, we need to show that the freelancers we introduce to clients have the right-to-work in the U.K, as per the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006. To comply with this law, we have partnered with a third party service called Onfido for freelancers to complete their right-to-work checks. 

What is the process?

Upon registration, you will have to confirm that you have the right-to-work check in the U.K. If you manage to get a gig on the platform, you will have to complete a right-to-work checks via Onfido before you can accept your booking. You will need to provide a scanned identity document and standard identity details such as address history (one year). Please note that you will only need to complete this once.

I’m working outside of the U.K for a U.K client. What do I do?

If you’re working outside of the U.K and invited by a U.K client to join YunoJuno, please get in touch with the Platform Success team at hello@yunojuno.com or Intercom as the U.K right-to-work checks do not apply to you.

I have completed my right-to-work checks now, however I want my data to be deleted.
If you would like for your data to be deleted, then please get in touch with us via hello@yunojuno.com. Once your request has been reached, it will take 20 days from the request for the data to be deleted.

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