This article is not relevant to those freelancer invoicing via an umbrella company. Please check out this article instead.

Can I still back-date my invoice?

Since our update: you can no longer backdate your invoices as you will now receive your PO number as soon as you submit your timesheet meaning you can invoice the same day. This means you are still paid 14 days from your last worked date without the need to backdate.

Can I submit a single invoice for multiple timesheets?

Unfortunately not, you will need to upload one invoice per timesheet. Batch invoicing was being used by a very small percentage of users, and added significant complexity to the processing of invoices. By removing this, we have simplified the process for all freelancers, and improved visibility of invoice status.

Oh and please remember you will be paid 14 days from date of submission.

How do I get paid?

Before we begin, please make sure you've accepted a contract and submitted the necessary timesheets.

As soon as you have submitted your timesheet, you can invoice immediately via the 'Invoices' tab. As soon as your timesheet is approved we'll process the invoice, and we'll get you paid on time!

Please ensure that your invoice includes the following:

✓ Your Trading Name
✓ Date
✓ Your Purchase Order Number
✓ Your Invoice Number
✓ Your Bank Account Details
✓ YunoJuno Address: YunoJuno, Waverley House, 9 Noel Street, London, W1F 8GQ

✓ and if applicable your VAT number
✓ Your Company Registration Number (if applicable)

Please note that your timesheet will still have to be approved before we can get you paid so make sure it's accurate. If your client ends up rejecting your timesheet for any reason, you will need to resubmit your timesheet and upload your amended invoice. (Prior to timesheet approval, we will store your invoice in a secure holding area - we will not import it into our finance system until it is approved; in the event of an change, you can either re-issue an amended invoice with the same invoice number or void the original and create a new one.)

Why are you making this change?

After listening to your feedback in regards to our invoicing process, we decided to give it a revamp to ensure greater visibility about payment dates. In particular, your feedback about waiting for us to generate a PO: you can now invoice us immediately once your timesheet is submitted.

Please note: that we still have to wait for the client to approve your timesheet before we can get you paid, however we will keep you posted via the platform should there be any delays.

How has this changed from the old system and why is it better?

Unlike before, where you had to wait until their timesheet has been approved before we can generate a PO for you to invoice with, a PO is now automatically generated the same day you submit your timesheet. No more waiting for us to generate a PO for you.

Does my timesheet still need to be approved before I get paid?

Yes. The timesheet will still have to be approved so make sure your timesheet is accurate. If your client ends up rejecting your timesheet for any reason then we will inform you via the platform and via email immediately and advise you on the issue so you can correct it and get paid.

What happens if I get something wrong with my invoice?

Once the timesheet is approved, we will import your uploaded invoice into our finance system for processing. At this point, if there is something wrong with your invoice, it will have to be voided by the YJ finance team, at which point you will be able to upload a new invoice to the platform. If the invoice has already been submitted to the bank for payment, we may have to issue a credit note. Please contact the Platform Success team via Intercom or so they can speak to the finance team to get your invoice voided asap.

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