If you use an Umbrella company to manage your payment you will need to select "Umbrella Company" in the "Business Details" section of your profile and fill out the relevant details prior to accepting a booking on YunoJuno.

Once you have accepted your booking on YunoJuno, in your "Bookings" tab, click the "Download PDF" button - you'll need to save the assessment details to send to your Umbrella company.

Your selected Umbrella company will then get in touch with YunoJuno (hello@yunojuno.com) to confirm your assignment details. 

For each week you will be required to log your timesheets, submit these for the end client's approval.  When submitted, you will receive your PO immediately from YunoJuno, please forward the details to your Umbrella Company in order for them to invoice YunoJuno. 

If your contract is extended please forward a copy of the revised booking details to your Umbrella Company - they can then get in touch with us again to confirm your new assignment details.

Any questions, feel free to get in touch 🙂

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