To get started, hit Find A Freelancer on the left-hand side menu. Here you'll need to tell us a little about the kind of freelancer you are after.

When you get to the category section, you'll be able to choose to find someone within the Designer, Creative, Project Management, UX, Development, QA, or Social categories.

If you're not sure which category your ideal freelancer fits into, we have a more in depth description of each one below:

Designer: Digital or Print, UI or Experiential, Motion or Presentation. Designer as a category is also the place to look for for Artworking, Visualisation and all studio creative freelancers.

Creative: Art Directors, Copywriters, Creative Teams- Digital, Integrated, ATL and otherwise.

Project Manager: Digital Campaign Producer, an E-Commerce PM, a Head of Delivery, Progamme Manager, a Print Producer, etc.

UX: Research, Analysis, Product design, site mapping, wireframing, IA and Architecture.

Development: Frontend, Backend and everything in between.

QA: Testing, Manual and Automated, mobile and desktop.

Social: Community Management, Social strategy.

Once you have selected the role, and entered the rest of the required information, you will then click the button to create the brief. On the following page, you will be able to create a shortlist, and find the ideal freelancer for the role.

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