We review every profile individually and it can take us up to 7 days. The more information you provide at this stage, the easier it is for us to verify your experience.

There are a few things you can do to help us speed up the approval process:

  • Add a bio of around 200-400 characters to highlight and explain your expertise.

  • Add any additional links showcasing your work. Please make sure your portfolio does not require logging into another service, and if it’s password-protected that you mention the password in your bio.

  • Provide at least one reference email

  • Add a short description of each work experience you provide.

You can always add more references and build a more thorough work history to form a truly exceptional YunoJuno profile.

If you have been asked to sign up to YunoJuno to accept a brief from a particular client, it’s not necessary for you to have your profile approved - the client will link with you on the platform.

If you’re encountering any issues in this process, please contact hello@yunojuno.com.

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