Timesheet Submitted

You'll be required to submit a weekly timesheet. Once you have submitted your weekly timesheet, the next step is for your hiring manager to approve the timesheet. To get paid within 14 days from the invoice date, ensure that the employer contact approves the timesheet by Wednesday of the following week!

Timesheet Approved

Once your timesheet has been approved, YunoJuno will send you a PO number to quote on your invoice. We will send you the PO by email, and will show it on the timesheet page.

We aim to send you the PO by the Thursday following the week of the timesheet.

There are cases where we can be delayed on sending the PO because we are awaiting information from the booking contact. If the Thursday has passed and we have still not sent the PO, send us an email to hello@yunojuno.com and we can provide more information on what is causing the delay.

PO received

Once you have received your PO, the next step is to send us an invoice to invoices@yunojuno.com.

Your invoice must include:

- The correct PO number

- A unique invoice number (one that has not been previously used)

- VAT registration number (if VAT is being charged)

If these details are not included, we will get in touch with you, asking you to revise the invoice sent, which can delay payment.

Invoice Processed

Once we have received your invoice and processed it, you will receive an email, and your timesheet page will update to show that your payment is on its way.

We aim to ensure you will be paid 14 days from the date of the invoice.

If 14 days have already passed since your listed invoice date, we will do our best to make the payment within 5 working days.

Invoice Paid

Once 14 days (or 5 days, depending on the case) have passed, the status on the timesheet will list it as paid. This is an estimation, based on our expected payment processing time. If the relevant number of days have passed and you have still not received your payment, get in touch with us at hello@yunojuno.com and we can help on resolving any issues that might have caused a delay.


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