Do you have an existing relationship with a client who's not currently registered with YJ and would you like to be paid on 14 day terms during the contract?

Good news – If the client is not yet registered on YJ you can send an invite through YJ Direct to join our community. They will receive 0% commission fees for the first booking and we gift you with £100 for your friendly introduction.

If the client is already a part of our community, they can choose to add you to BlackBook which allows them to view your availability for their upcoming projects and book you in a few easy steps.

We know your next question too - no, there's no catch.

To search for your employer head to your profile dashboard > use YJ Direct > enter your employer's name, if your client is on YJ head straight through to filling contract details, if your client is not on our contact list > select 'ask them to join YJ' > fill in details of your booking request (please bare in mind this can be fine combed by your employer at a later date) > send invitation to join YJ

Once the client has accepted your invitation and pass our credit checks, you'll be prompted with a contract request via email.

Easy as that!

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