Once you've received a brief and have recommended freelancers, YunoJuno will keep you informed of the progress of the freelancer(s) that you've recommended by email and when you're logged in.

If the hiring manager wants to discuss the brief in detail or contact you about the freelancers that you have recommended they will contact you directly.

You will receive an email notification from YunoJuno if a recommended freelancer is:

a) Removed from a brief - An employer will do this if your recommendation is not a right fit for the brief

b) Offered the contract - We will let you know the details and what is required from the freelancer

We will also let you know if the brief changes; if the brief cancelled; or another freelancer gets that contract.


For further information about how to work with WPP Operating Companies head here.

If you're not on the WPP Freelance PSL and would like to be, please get in touch with us.

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