Placing freelancers at WPP

YunoJuno will manage all freelancer booking transactions for the freelancer, you the recruiter and the Operating Company. All recommended freelancers will be put forward via the recruiters platform access, relevant to specific briefs posted by an Operating Company.

To place freelancers at WPP, you will need to have signed the new WPP Agreement. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch with

Key points:

  • You will not receive log in details until you receive your first brief.

  • A brief goes to an hirer’s chosen supplier, not the entire PSL.

  • If you have a booking in place & don’t receive automated email confirmations, it means the hirer has not completed the booking on the platform.

  • YJ does not stop the relationship between you & the hirer so please stay in touch with your client!

Working on a brief 

  • A hiring manager can choose to invite you to help on a freelance requirement. To do this they will first create their brief on YunoJuno and invite you. A brief only goes to an hiring managers preferred supplier, not every supplier on the PSL.

  • You will receive an email through the platform with a link to see the brief (you will see a link in the email to register).

  • You will be able to submit relevant freelancers through the platform.

  • You’ll be able to share live briefs with your colleagues to work on – there is a link on the platform to share with your team.

  • You will only be able to submit freelancers for live briefs - no speculative freelancers.

  • The hirer at the Operating Company will be notified each time you submit a freelancer.

  • The freelancer will be notified each time you put them forwards for a role.

  • You will be notified when a freelancer you recommended is offered a booking.

  • The freelancer will be notified when offered a booking.

Getting paid 

  • The freelancer will need to accept the contract. We will inform you when the contract is both offered and accepted. 

  • Once weekly timesheets have been approved, YunoJuno will send the recruitment provider the details with which to invoice on a weekly basis, and then pay the commission owed 45 days from the date of each invoice.

  • YunoJuno will invoice the WPP agency for the cost of the freelancer plus any agreed fees as per the commercial agreement of the PSL.

Send all invoices to 

Please address invoices to:

FAO Harpeet Sahota


Waverley House, 9 Noel Street,



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