Only relevant for timesheets with a single overtime rate within a week. To add multiple overtime rates to a timesheet notify your account manager, or get in touch at


An overtime multiplier is a value which the regular contract rate is multiplied by, to get the overtime rate.

For example, a contract rate of £300 and a rate multiplier of 1.5 will result in an overtime rate of £450.

If the overtime toggle is set to off, it will result in overtime not being available on the freelancers' timesheet(s).

If the overtime toggle is set to on, it allows for overtime on the freelancers' timesheet(s) to appear, and will use the rate multiplier to calculate the rate to be charged on any overtime added.

The overtime rate changed will also be proportional to the contract rate.

For example, for a contract with an 8 hour day, and a contract rate of £300, the hourly rate for the contract would be £37.5, and with a rate multiplier of 1.5, the overtime hourly rate would be £56.25.

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